Getting Started

Become a partner and grow your e-commerce business in four simple steps.

Step 1: Get in Touch

Tell us about your business. We will figure out the best solution for you and provide a quote based on your needs.

woman looking at a laptop and talking on the phone

Step 2: Onboarding

If you’ve decided to work with us, we can begin the onboarding process. You can send your products to our warehouse.

While they are on their way, our developers will make sure our system is properly integrated with your sales channel.

truck transporting goods and computer screen

Step 3: Make Sales

Once we have your products, you can start making sales.

Our system will retrieve the info for each order so we can prepare the items and ship them to the customer.

shopping bag and computer screen

Step 4: Pick, Pack & Ship

When we have the info for your orders, we will carefully select the correct items for each order, pack them securely, and ship them to the customers with your preferred shipping provider.

item placed in an open box